KnR provide consulting services to small, medium industries and mining organisations to represent them as client safety agent in all stages of the project, as prescribed by Construction Regulations (2014).

All work carried out by KnR will adhere to all the relevant Acts, Regulations, Standards, Procedures, and Specification for each application to fall in line with the guarantee requirement. If required, a full specification will be submitted prior to commencement of the work. All work will be carried out within the proposed and agreed programmes and specifications.

Recent changes to the Construction Regulations have completely changed the way PROJECTS are managed as inherent health and safety procedure on construction sites.  KnR will provide the turnkey consulting services to businesses to comply with the New Construction Regulation (2014).

A client safety agent should be involved in the planning phase with all new projects, and not only be appointed once the project reaches the construction phase.

The Project Construction Phases are as follows:

Phase 1 – Project Initiation and Briefing

Phase 2 – Concept and Feasibility

Phase 3 – Design Development

Phase 4 – Tender Documentation and Procurement

Phase 5 – Construction Documentation and Management

Phase 6 – Project Close-out

The duties of the Client (As per Construction Regulation’s definitions, means “client means any person for whom construction work is being performed”) is set out in section 5 of the Construction Regulations.  A client may appoint a competent client agent to act on his behalf, but where a site requires a construction work permit, a client agent SHALL be appointed. The duties of the clients are outlined in section 5 (1) a – s, comprehensively.

Construction Work Permit

In this section the Construction Regulation it determines how a client should apply for a work permit from Department of Labour (DoL) at least 30 days prior to construction work resuming on site. No construction may start prior to a permit been issued by DoL. The following categories of projects are and will be affected by the new Construction Regulation (2014) for PROJECTS that:

  1. exceed 180 days;
  2. will involve more than 1800 person days of construction work; or
  3. the works contract is of a value equal to or exceeding thirteen million rand or Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) grading level 6.


The Following Documentations are Required to Accompany the Application:

·         Baseline Risk Assessment;

·         Health and Safety Specification;

·         Health Safety Plan;

·         Proof of Agent Appointment Letter;

·         Proof of Letter of Good Standing for Principal Contractor;

·         Proof of Specification Received by Designer;

·         Proof and Compliance of Duties in Regulation 6 by Designer;

·         Proof that designer took specification in consideration for design

·         Proof that the Principal Contractor made adequate provision for health & safety

·         Proof Principal Contractor is competent and have necessary resources

All the above mentioned documents will form part of the pre-construction phase, to assist the appointed client safety agent in applying for construction work permit.