Incident Investigation and Reports

You are legally required to report and respond to accidents at your site or workplace. You are legally required to report and respond to significant hazardous spills. Following on from these accidents and environmental spills your company needs to have emergency contacts ready for Emergency Management Services (EMS) in your area of operations. Incident investigations – actual investigations cater for, trend analysis and training in principles (include vehicles accidents, plant / equipment failures, injuries, product losses).

Asbestos Management, Survey, Clean up and Disposal

KnR provides the services of an Approved Inspection Authority (AIA) through a selected group of individuals or firms on the Department of Labour database. Our carefully selected AIA’s are registered with the Department of Labour as an Approved Inspection Authority. KnR is a registered member of the South African Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (SAIOHS).

Asbestos Regulations